As of April 26th we go back to yellow zone

The alleged color zones in Italy as of April 26th

The alleged color zones in Italy as of April 26th

As of April 26th we go back to yellow zone, hoping not to have to retreat. In my modest opinion of agency owner, people would rather die from covid virus than from lockdown, because in the long run confinement kills. I can assure it with full knowledge by observing the cases of marital infidelities that my investigative agency has been dealing with in this last period.

First of all, there are the clients of the detective agency fed up with staying at home with their cheater husbands whom keep texting to the other woman: if distance is the wind that light up the fire of the new-born big passions, the forced vicinity is the euthanasia for those moribund women. Many marriages of cheater husbands or wives have days numbered: as we go back to yellow zone the cheaters will rush to the lover and they will be caught by the cameras of the detectives of my investigative agency Octopus in unambiguous position, giving the start for separation and divorce.

Nonetheless, most of the cheaters that I happened to surveil in this last period haven’t been slowed down by the pandemic corona virus, being them bonded to a single woman or sex-addict and promiscuous. During an episode of #detectiveslife #truedetectivestories I told the story of a cheater husband that, during the first lockdown in 2020, drugged his family to get out from home unbothered and run to the lover. The expedients are manyfold: sudden work tasks, relatives or friends in distress, even fake covid disease and confinement to the hospital (with the help of a nurse friend) to go to a week vacation with the lover.

It cannot be said that covid-19, with the following economic crisis and the fear of losing the job, has slow down company infidelity and absenteeism: many of the people under surveillance of my detective agency Octopus took advantage of the layoff to do a second job unbeknownst and moreover at the expense of their company. Company thefts have increased because who’s working in empty departments has more chances to steal. Countless are the employees that, being directly in contact with the company’s clients, succeed in convince these ones to be served directly from them, keeping out the already on its knees company that has anticipated them the layoff.

Not to talk about the crime field, given that my detective agency deals with criminal inquires too. All the regular criminals have taken advantage of the critical situation and only the crimes made impossible by the closure are decreased. On the other hand, a lot of individuals potentially prone to break the law, that can be called opportunistic criminals, have benefit from the advantageous situations brought by the covid pandemic, it’s enough to think about all the dirty tricks put on by our politicians and administrators with the masks.

During the first lockdown in 2020 some naïve claimed that, when this is all over, we would stand up again stronger and better than before. It won’t be like that. We correlate animals to our worst flaws to be able to insult one another with words like jackal, hyena, etc. but we are the worst species. Maybe it’s right who says that we are the cancer of the earth and that, after all, the pandemic is what we deserve.