For our Private Detective Agency following an unfaithful spouse or an unfair employee is more…

For our Private Detective Agency following an unfaithful spouse or an unfair employee is more or less the same thing: they are always tragedies of betrayal, misunderstanding, disillusionment and economic interests.

Years ago, Michele Bavaro has written a great book: ā€œIl matrimonio aziendale. Breve guida per comprendere il nostro ruolo in azienda e agire con successoā€ (ā€œThe corporate marriage. A brief guide to understanding our role in a company and acting successfullyā€) published by da Este in 2013. Mr. Bavaroā€™s great experience as an HR Director can be sensed already in the title of his book. Actually, there is nothing more appropriate than to consider the company as a family.

The bonds created in the workplace are those of love or hate, are halfway between friendship and kinship. And the more time passes, like in cases of multi-year employments, the more the friendship becomes deep, almost turning into consanguinity, at least in the dynamics of interaction.

When my Italian investigation agency is called upon to resolve disputes with the staff, before looking at the company problems, I help with crises between people, which have a surprising commonality with family crises.

The owner of a small-medium company, who suspects the infidelity of his coworker, behaves very similarly to those who are deeply hurt by the betrayal of their partner. When the business is big, though, the private investigator deals with more distant clients, very similar to disillusioned spouses, who in case of marriage betrayal seek a way out of a union that is now wrong and console themselves with obtaining greater economic profits.

On the basis of all these ā€œcorporate divorcesā€ there is the lack of ability to select one’s “partner”, just like certain unfortunate people in love. Or, also after employing the right coworker, the lack of communication and personal changes of each individual are always lurking to play tricks. Just like in a romantic relationship.

In both cases, an Investigation Agency is used to obviate poor communication, even before to catch the other party and to obtain compromising evidence to use in the Court.

Many times, the owner of a company ā€œgets divorcedā€ from his right arm and the latter, leaving, takes with him the best employees, who are disputed as children. Often in both types of clients the economic demands are all the more onerous, as much as dictated by a desire for revenge or actual revenge, for missed promises, suffered disappointments, deep hurts.

For sure the matrimonial cases are more difficult to follow, because they involve emotions in a much more direct and traumatic way, but I have seen more than once in my Investigation Agency entrepreneurs crying with fury or with disappointment, after they found out about the true face of their favorite employee.

Like with separations and divorces, the best resolved corporate or trade union disputes are those that do not see the Judge or that arrive in Court with the agreements already written. And this brings back to the capacity of family or business communication.

Finally, there are also many tragedies caused by the most violent ones. Our Italian Investigation Agency comes across more and more cases in which it is necessary to defend the owners of the companies or HR directors from stalking by their ex-employees.

ā€œThe Gift of Fear ā€“ survival signalsā€ is another excellent book written by Gavin de Becker. The author is an American specialist in sex offenders and violent persecutors. In his book he devotes a lot of space for those cases of people dismissed who vent their frustrations, returning armed to the former workplace; sadly, this is a growing phenomenon in the USA. Just like those weakling thugs, present everywhere in the world, who kill their partners.

In Italy the situation is not that serious (taking into account the violence of the ex-employees), but more and more frequently, the stalking, of which the Italian Investigation Agency takes care, turns into real aggression. It is enough to mention that on our website there is a test for assessment of dangers of dismissal: