Italian Private Investigator

Private Investigator in Italy takes part in taking the clients out of the tangle of a toxic or finished relationship.

Private Investigator in Italy takes part in taking the clients out of the tangle of a toxic or finished relationship.

The Italian Private Investigator analyzes an aspect of matrimonial investigations.

The separation is like mourning and it should be addressed as such.

In actual mourning, the family is grieving over a dead person. In separation (which is even more complex to face), two people are lamenting their love, family and trust, or they are gripped by remorse and regret.

The spouse who needs to leave the family house experiences also the trauma of move.

In both losses it is necessary to know how to resist, until they have overcome obstacles and recovered.

The modern psychology recognizes five phases of ā€œseparation mourningā€: the denial, the anger or the resistance, the depression, the bargaining and finally the acceptance.

In this tragedy the Private Detective Agency and more precisely the Italian Private Investigator acts in the three most difficult central phases: anger/resistance, bargaining and depression. Actually, it is the Italian Private Investigatorā€™s task to help to diagnose the situation of the dying emotions by observing the behaviors.

The evidence obtained on the betrayal (beyond its usefulness in the Court) helps the interested party to get over it. Finally, the Italian Private Investigator has to know how to avoid, as much as possible, the risk of depression of their client, using the right words and carefully showing the video and photographic documentation. Often small gestures are very helpful, e.g. a compliment to a client or denigrating the clientā€™s rival.

As in all the mournings, one suffering it often finds relief in rituals and compulsive behaviors, which cannot be judged, as they serve as a safety valve for suffering psyche.

In the ā€œmatrimonial mourningā€, one of these behaviors leads to a desire for control and the illusion of maintaining this control through repeated tracking or constant satellite monitoring, which go far beyond the need to know in order to be able to separate.

Although the purpose of every Italian Investigation Agency is income, the Italian Private Investigator seriously discourages this compulsion, but does not suddenly deny it, with the risk of throwing their customers into despair. Rather, he gradually reduces it, giving psychological support and making himself patiently available for phone calls and consultations, which often have more consolatory than consultative purposes.