Justice in Italy and around the world

The Italian Investigation Agency which occupies itsself with international cases is an amazing observatory of the lack of justice in the World.

The Italian Investigation Agency which occupies itsself with international cases is an amazing observatory of the lack of justice in the World.

The acquittal and the release of Stefano Binda, who was considered responsible for the first-degree murder of Lidia Macchi, opens the usual (mostly legitimate) polemics about the lack of justice in Italy.

Most of the foreign MassMedia never misses an occasion to criticize in full our judicial system; it can be obviously explained with the Mote and the Beam parable. The reason why many of our media keep up with them, remains a mystery.

The Justice is deceptive, itā€™s a known fact. But we, Italians, are always prone to practice an excessive destructive criticism, without considering the positive and negative aspects of our judicial system. Certainly, also our ā€˜Justice Machineā€™ has its flaws, which should never stop us from the self-criticism and improvements, but we should never be ā€œjealousā€ of other nations, including the United States, who are usually presented as a role model.

During the last half of a century, there were hundreds (1,300 in the last 20 years) of innocent convicts in the USA and many of these martyrs of justice have been executed or have escaped the death by some miracle. The problem is so serious and widespread that there have been founded organizations like Witness To Innocence (www.witnesstoinnocence.org). They save from the electric chair or life sentences dozens of innocents every year with a pro-bono work of the advocate, forensic geneticist (a big figure in this type of cases) and the Investigation Agency specialized in the criminal investigations.

Excluding these countries where speaking of Justice would be a waste of breath (see the age-old Indian process of our MarĆ² (marine officers) concluded with the obvious acquittal of both), the problem of lack of justice exists even in Switzerland, so that there have been founded the organization called Projet Innocence Suisse.

In Florida, where there is an impressive number of homicides, the police occupy themselves with them so superficially, that it leaves an incredible rate of unresolved murders or those with imprisoned innocent scapegoats.

My friend, an ex-policeman from Miami, has explained me the reason why: a large number of police detectives supplement their police sallaries working as private detectives and have no interest in serious investigations of the crimes, having an Investigation Agency to follow.

Running my Italian Investigation Agency and performing localization and exfiltration of the children taken from the foreign parent and brought abroad, I often witness excessively protective attitudes towards the kidnapper and, above all, illegal behavior of some of the magistrates of the area who happily disregard agreements signed by their country as well as the international arrest warrants.

As for the tendency to not recognize and not compensate for judicial errors on the part of the State, I had been scandalized by certain reparations proposed to the clients of my Italian Private Detective Agency snatched from the clutches of Italian (in)justice, but recently I have heard about the poor Lawrence McKinney. He spent 31 years in prison for a crime which was not committed by him and the State of Tennessee has proposed an astronomical compensation of 75 USD (yes, seventy-five, there is no spelling error here). Fortunately, there are still appeals and the unlucky McKinney finally received 1 million dollars compensation in 2018.