Mustapha MIlambo, Luca Attanasio and Vittorio Iacovacciā€™s deaths

Run an international detective agency often allows, unfortunately, to see first-hand our politiciansā€™ opportunism

Run an international detective agency often allows, unfortunately, to see first-hand our politiciansā€™ opportunism

Grief for the tragedy itself aside, there are due more things that upset me up about the deadly assault to the ONUā€™s convoy near Goma, Congo: the lack of relevance given to Mustafa Milamboā€™s death, driver of the ambassador Luca Attanasio, and the word ā€˜astonishmentā€™ repeated over and over by our politicians as a comment to the tragic event.

When my investigative agency Octopus deals with an international job, whether it is an inquiry or exfiltration of abducted child, it is of paramount importance the operate of the local drivers, chosen by my detectives or myself, to ensure the success of the operation, all of us end up becoming friends of these invisible collaborators. I hope that, even though he is forgotten or lately remembered on these days-headlines, Mustapha Milambo will get the deserved honors along with Luca Attanasio and Vittorio Iacovacci.

As for the ā€˜astonishmentā€™ word is concerned, this expression has been used by all ours iper-protected politicians, safe in their sealed blue cars. The repetitions of this word are indicative of our politiciansā€™ carelessness for the tragedy, the tragedy is of such little importance that they didnā€™t find time nor will to make an effort to comment the institutional grief with their own words. Having dealt with international inquires for almost 30 years with my detective agency Octopus, I know better what Iā€™m talking about: if thereā€™s no media visibility, the majority of our compatriots, victims of severe injustices or hideous violence, is left to their own devices.

Iā€™m not just talking about the usual tasks that my investigative agency is often handling, like a foreign parentā€™s child abducted or compatriots disappeared abroad, but also about compatriots slaughtered as the poor Giulio Regeni or unjustly imprisoned as Chico Forti. Talking about this last one: Di Maio and his partner has announced his freeing since before Christmas holidays, but then Recovery Found, Renzi-Conte duel for the seats, Draghi nomination took the scene and the poor Chico has been waiting in jail for 20 years now.

Italian politicians betray their vanity when it comes to walk down international walkways without merits (nor too much effort), proof of that is the sideshow that took place at the coming home of Silvia Romano, whose rescue is blurred by the presence of a ā€˜ransomā€™, not the one for paying the terrorist abductors, rather than the one aimed at ā€˜lubricateā€™ our state officials. Besides, to know how some things go, thereā€™s no need to be experts, itā€™s enough to look at how Andy Osnard, performed by Pierce Brosnan in ā€œIl sarto di Panamaā€ film based on Jhon Le CarrĆØ book, behaves.