Releasing the mobsters equals to spreading their virus

The organized crime is like moral bubonic plague.

The organized crime is like moral bubonic plague.

Listening to the politicians has become more tiring than trying to understand if the suspect is telling the truth. As I teach the detectives of my Italian Investigation Agency, the truth comes out in the moments of crisis. Our politicians, though, are so much used to telling lies that for them nothing changes. Thus, it is necessary to follow another rule, which is framed on the wall of my Italian Private Detective Agency: “if you want to uncover a liar, begin from the questions to which you already know the answer”.

These days many politicians, commentators and even journalists (who should be informed by profession) are screaming at the government to place, due to the covid-19 pandemic reasons, some of the most dangerous criminals under house arrest. Amongst them there are Francesco Bonura, “colonel” di Bernardo Provenzano; the ‘ndrangheta mobster Rocco Santo Filippone, assassin of the Italian Carabinieri, as well as Vincenzo Iannazzo, another member of Ndrangheta, who was sowing terror and hopelessness in Lamezia Terme.
– It’s a lie! – would say one of the latest detectives of my Italian Private Detective Agency: they should be detained till the end of their sentence, which could still be under house arrest, an option made particularly easy by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Members of the government and judges, defending themselves from the accusations, repeat that the pandemic is completely unrelated to the issue and that there are some automatic law mechanisms which foresee the house arrest in similar cases. This time though, even the lady who does the cleaning of my Italian Security office would shout at the lie: first of all, they are not automatic, because they provide a well-articulated instance (forced by the coronavirus), written by the attorney and sifted by the judges, who have the final say. I realize that Bonura was about to finish his sentence after 18 years and 8 months and his release was planned very soon, but why shouldn’t we keep him in prison until the very last day of his sentence? What is so special about him that is not about an average Italian, prevented from reaching his relatives at the seaside and maybe stuck in a studio apartment smaller than a cell?
And if the mitigating factor is the cloze end of the penalty, what to say about the members of ‘ndrangheta Rocco Santo Filippone and Vincenzo Iannazzo, whose penalties are yet to be sentenced? Their social danger will not cease even when they die, due to the vile example they gave in life.

The truth is that all our politicians and leaders lie, saying things that are comfortable for them and downplaying their own responsibilities. With the mobsters of that caliber as those released from prison and those who have filed an application for release, there should never be approved any measure other than the prison. Actually, it should be toughened with some forced labor, because these people are not scared of prison, but they are terrified with work. And do not object mentioning the venerable age of criminals, that the INPS bankruptcy has made pensions a chimera for millions of honest Italian workers.
Instead of caring about the educational function of the penalty, which does not exist in case of the criminal elements of this scale, our leaders should have copied the American model “three strikes and you’re out”, or: “your third error results in a life sentence”, which would be a good way to honor all the victims of mafia and to simplify the life of a lot of good people forced to live together with the eternal plague of the organized crime.