The occasional crimes and the bad seasonal behaviors

The prevention is fundamental in avoiding becoming a victim.

The prevention is fundamental in avoiding becoming a victim.

In the summer and in the period right after, the Italian Investigation Agency is bombarded with the requests for the investigations regarding the matrimonial infidelity, because during the holidays the spouses spend more time together and notice suspicious behaviors, which would be missed during the rest of the year. Summer holidays, for the Italian Private Detective Agency, is also a period of the investigations considering shortfalls and robberies in companies, employees faking sickness or absentees and unfair competition.

In the summer occur many occasional criminal behaviors, which must be taken into account to protect themselves and their belongings. The most serious amongst them are stalking, femicides and rapes.

Every client who turns herself to my Italian Investigation Agency with similar problems, knows that she can do little or nothing in order to redeem her violent ex-partner, or a stalker, or a sexual aggressor, but she has learnt how to recognize the risky situations in order to prevent them and how to face those unpredictable ones with the following rules:

  • Be always armed with an anti-aggression spray kept inside a pocket and not in a purse.
  • Disseminate the work environment, the home, the car and even the purse with daily use objects, but with a lethal potential (some of the collaborators of my Italian Security even train themselves in the self-defensive usage of nail scissors, umbrellas, bunches of keys etc.).
  • Call the Police as soon as possible, but do not count on them completely.
  • Avoid parking lots, staircases, isolated elevators, which statistically are the most risky places for a sexual aggressor.
  • Remember that the greatest number of sexual aggression is committed by people known to the victim (right after the summer my Italian Private Investigator Office is almost always in charge of investigations of that type of violence).
  • Do not ignore the danger, hoping that it will disappear, but face it.
  • Trust your sixth sense and do not be afraid of being rude, refusing unclear invitations. Prudence and escape are not signs of weakness, but of experience and wisdom, practiced even by the strongest predators on earth, such as the big cats.
  • In case of the violent ex-partners, do not accept the request for the last meeting, does not matter if clarifying, apologizing or justified by any other reason; this type of meetings is the one in which the most of the femicides take place.

During the particularly long holiday periods, like summer holidays or Christmas, the casual criminal smartly takes advantage of the changed habits and of the emptying of the whole areas. The occasional criminal, though, finds in the change just an opportunity to bring out his true nature normally confined to his fantasies. Only the habitual constant prevention helps in not becoming a victim, because the human species is the most dangerous predator against each species, including their own.