We are the worst beasts for our offspring

We, the adult humans, are the worst beasts for our offspring.

We, the adult humans, are the worst beasts for our offspring.

The children of lions, bears, hippopotamuses and some other species (which I do not remember now) are in constant danger, because the adult males of their own species might kill them due to their descent. Sometimes mothers of many animals abandon or kill their own children because they are sick or because of other reasons dictated by the nature.

We, as human beings, are terrified by such and similar rules of nature, but altogether we are the worst beasts for our children, which widely shows the recent report ā€œAngels and Demonsā€. It focuses on the illicit fostering of Bibbiano, the numerous abuses perpetrated all over the world by priests and their management by church leaders, participation of children in wars, etc.

Even though we continuously make claims regarding the untouchability of the infants and the value of our future generations, looking at us from outside and from distance (like an animal of some other species would do when trying to study us ā€“ without invoking the usual Martian), we would see a much larger number of horrors than in case of our brothers ā€“ animals. And, to make matter worse, these horrors are usually an effect of egoism and nastiness.

Whoever works in an Italian Investigation Agency, which conducts the matrimonial investigations, assists all the time the parents in separation who use their children as clubs for being right about the other spouse; in practice, seven out of ten adults facing a period of personal difficulties are not able to keep their kids away of the crisis and ultimately their little ones end up involved more or less seriously in the conflict.

But the unsuitability of many parents is just the tip of the iceberg, which is built out of adults who mistreat, abuse and plunder the children.

There are ever greater requests at my Italian Private Detective Agency of the parents worried about the way the baby-sitters treat their children, and one time out of three serious negligence or maltreatment emerge.

Unfortunately nowadays are very rare parents who, extremely busy with their work or permanently online, know how to recognize the risky situations for their children, exposing them to sexual predators or the business of foster care. Also those parents, who recognize the danger in time, often do not find timely help due to the laxity or lack of both preparation and objectivity of those who are in charge of the protection of minors. I suggest those parents, who turn themselves to my Italian Investigation Agency, the right strategy is more useful than the private investigation they want to entrust to me.

Taking care, as the Italian Private Investigator, of protection of minors or the weakest family members in Italy, has been one of the most difficult and stressful tasks so far, exactly because of the laxity and incompetence of the aforementioned. We hope that the recent shameful facts of Bibbiano and of the social services of the Val Dā€™Enza union as well as of the Piedmontese non-profit organization Hansel and Gretel have a follow-up of exemplary punishments and profound repulsion, but I above all count on the profound legislative and procedural change, because, although it is virtually impossible to anticipate in their criminal intent certain monsters, it would be right at least to make their lives difficult.