July the 29th was the “Earth overshoot day”, the day of the ecological debt

July the 29th was the “Earth overshoot day”, Mother earth will soon close our credit bank

July the 29th was the “Earth overshoot day”, Mother earth will soon close our credit bank

When I was in high school, dreaming of becoming an Italian private detective and the owner of an investigative agency in Milan, I had just taken up veganism (back then they weren’t called vegans but “vegetalian”, with “l” instead of “r”) and I used to keep trace of the FAO reports about the massive and cruelly useless wasting that comes along with the carnivorous diet.

When I started collaborating with an investigative agency in Milan, I was often forced to have lunch out and it was pathetic to witness how people and mostly the restaurant owners didn’t conceive a diet without meat, milk and fish neither for ethical motivations nor for mere survival spirit.

July the 29th was the “Earth overshoot day”, the day of the ecological debt, which is like to say that we did not manage to make the ends meet with the wage that mother earth planned on delivering us. Nevertheless, we humans, to not give up eating meat and robbing fishes from the sea, we have consumed the resources that were destined for the following year, which is something like the expiry of a bank loan. Too bad that mother earth doesn’t call us on the phone to get us back as it would patiently do a good bank director. Earth and Nature are rageful and they don’t care about our reasons: they will destroy us.

Some foresee, with the usual anthropocentric vision, that we will entirely deplete the earth. That’s wrong: pandemics, storms more and more devastating, floods and fires are the phone calls from Earth to get us aware that we have no more a credit bank. If we don’t act promptly, Nature will die us out or will leave us in such a small number so to be able to live on the remaining resources. We humans presume to dominate the Nature, that will destroy us.

At this point, more and more human beings are coming to understand the abomination of being carnivorous, both from an ethical and health/ecological point of view. Even restaurant owners are adapting to the situation: private detectives of my investigative agency Octopus (almost all vegans) don’t have to suffer from the complications that I was going through in the 80’s when I had to feed myself in between a lookout and the next one. However, we vegans are still too few and in a bunch of years there will be no turning back.

Bill Gates, which is considered, besides the ideas of some disturbed conspiracy theorist, as a great humanity benefactor and he’s vegan since ever, is financing the project of the cultured meat because we are so dumb that we could kill ourselves rather than giving up our food routine.

Cultured meat in a nutshell is meat created in vitro. In this way, it’s avoided the birth of a creature, the forcing of a miserable life in captivity and the sufferings of an animal which is there only to be killed and eat by us. Maybe Bill Gates will save us all from extinction, but is rather embarrassing that, despite all our bragging about being equipped with morality, self judgement and (overrated) intelligence, we can’t manage to renounce to meat flavor, when (ethical reasons aside) it has been scientifically proved that it harms more than it benefits.