Often the Italian Private Detective Agency is the only resource against the online persecution

The video and photographic proves provided by my Italian Investigation Agency Octopus often unblock the seemingly intractable situations.

The video and photographic proves provided by my Italian Investigation Agency Octopus often unblock the seemingly intractable situations.

Benjamin Griveaux, the loyalist of Emmanuel Macron and a candidate for mayor of Paris of the En Marche movement, as if he were some teenage boy or (maybe better to say considering his age) as if he were some maniac, has sent to a girl a video, in which he is masturbating. Acting in the same adolescent way, the girl has given the video to the Russian artist Piotr Pavlensky who publicizes it on the site pornopolitique.com.

Benjamin Griveaux is forced to withdraw from the municipal elections in Paris, but he does not make it preserving a dignified silence and head-down, like it would make any teenager or maniac caught red-handed by the detectives of my Italian Investigation Agency Octopus; the cheap politician has to be indignant and squawk about conspiracy.

What makes the case even more funny are the colleagues and political antagonists of Griveaux (probably all worried about seeing opened also their wardrobes) who express solidarity with the little pervert. In the meantime, the Inquisition initiates: coincidentally, old Piotr Pavlensky’s judicial issues have suddenly come home to roost, therefore the Russian artist was arrested for the facts dating back to one year earlier.

When I see politicians placed on the media grill for the reprehensible behaviors towards them, I feel no sympathy for them in the etymological sense of the word. I rather think with anger about all the times in which the authorities have shrugged at the careless teenagers struck by revenge porn or by media stalking or by other forms of online persecution, in which their parents have to task my Italian Private Detective Agency in Milan with getting justice.

Some of these victims end up committing suicide and the “political hippopotamuses” (Ippopotami – an album of Roberto Vecchioni, Italian singer and songwriter) take advantage of their walkways knowing very well that if something does not work about revenge porn prevention it is their fault.

Taking care of protection for the family and minors against stalking and revenge porn, my Italian Investigation Agency Octopus in Milan has to extricate itself from the laws which are unsuitable for the new technological barriers and for the offices incapable of effectively prosecuting the crime, but when the victim is a politician, we are witnessing prompt interventions from inquisition and unworthy whining seasoned with conspiracy theories.

I believe that if there was no media pillory, we would not have found out of what kind of morons and dishonest people (or both at the same time) the majority of the establishment and political class is composed.

When the Justice of the Courts does not manage to take its course, it is good when at least the karmic one takes over. A little bit as in a couple of more difficult cases of which took care my Italian Private Detective Agency in Milan: sometimes the skeletons emerging from the counterparty’s wardrobes were so big that they were facilitating solution of problems regardless of any institutional inertia.