Schlein the anti-Meloni sounds a lot like some parents who turn to my Octopus Investigation Agency for child custody

Elly Schlein has set her candidacy as anti-Giorgia Meloni and nothing more

Elly Schlein has set her candidacy as anti-Giorgia Meloni and nothing more

Elly Schlein is the new leader of the Democratic Party. It will be the usual flop, because the new secretary did not present herself with new ideas and interesting content from the Left, that is representing the most fragile people, but immediately set up her candidacy as anti-Giorgia Meloni and nothing more.

Emblematic of this socialist cultural shallowness was Schlein’s mimicking of the spiel about Giorgia Meloni’s Italian wife and mother. The rhetorical figure of speech adopted by Meloni was not the happiest back then, let alone the bad copy of Elly Schlein.

If we’re considering the electorate as sons and daughters of divorced parents, Elly Schlein really resembles the parents of my Octopus Investigative Agency in Milan which complain about being subjected to parents alienation and then start blaming the ex-spouse for the separation hoping that the private investigator will find out unusual demoniac behaviors, so that they will finally have the right to get back the children, not much for their own merits but rather for the unworthiness, authentic or fabricated, of the other parent.

When such a client comes to my Octopus Investigative Agency in Milan, my main effort (as a private investigator who has been involved in family protection investigations for 40 years) is to make him understand that you cannot fight a difficult marital separation or a disastrous divorce on the heads of your children, whatever age they are. Mutatis mutandis is somewhat what the representatives of our Italian Left have been doing on the heads of Italian voters ever since Silvio Berlusconi snatched their, perhaps too optimistically predicted, electoral success from them after the ‘Mani pulite’ investigations.

In the past, when I had just started my first Octopus Investigative Agency in Bergamo, I had to contain or even push away clients of both genders who were not interested in finding the truth or justice by means of my private investigations, especially in the interest of their children, but wanted only to take revenge for the wrongs endured during the marriage. Exactly like the Schlein is doing by considering the voters against her with reproachful mood and looks for scuffle, not worrying about the real needs of the country nor being interested in re-evaluating in a critical way the reasons why her democratic party and its coalitions undergone such a collapse.

Over the years, during marital infidelity and child custody investigations, I have learned to dose information to the clients of my Octopus detective agency in Milan, working more closely with their attorneys, and to spare the children’s involvement as much as possible, to curb parental alienation attitudes where there is no concrete danger to the offspring.

Perhaps Elly Schlein should behave with voters as I do with clients, consulting better with communication experts before speaking and avoiding evoking the bogeyman of fascism (of which she knows nothing), rather than thinking about the future of “her” country (even though she is a U.S. citizen and naturalized Swiss).