The child-abduction cases in international couples.

The 11-year-old daughter of Mrs. Mariana Veintimilla was abducted for the second time by the father Maher Balle. It was a story with a happy ending because of the police action and most importantly due to alertness of the girl, for whom it was enough to have a cellphone in hand for a couple of seconds in order to geolocate herself from Aarhus in Denmark. Probably also the fact that Mr. Maher was acting in a particularly disorganized manner and decided to escape to Denmark, instead of Syria, his original homeland, contributed to the happy ending.

In my Italian Private Detective Agency, I assist numerous clients with the problem of child abduction by the foreign spouses.

In the majority of cases, they are turning to the Private Investigator Italy belatedly, when the child is already abducted; therefore, in such cases it consists in localizing the offspring and exfiltrating him or her from the foreign country, which, even when there are signed international agreements, does not cooperate and ignores the international arrest warrants.

Before the abduction takes place there are plenty of prevention measures. Apart from the risk evaluation test, already published many years ago on the website of my Italian Investigation Agency:, down below a few precautions to be taken, which I suggest to the clients of my Italian Private Detective Agency:


  • Letting know all the teachers and other people who interact on the daily basis with the minor at risk that there might happen the abduction, preparing a list of persons who can exclusively take him or her into custody.
  • Changing your and your childā€™s habits and schedule, consistent with the needs of normal life.
  • If the child is old enough, explain clearly to him or her the risk of a possible abduction of the other parent.
  • Find an escape route in every place where the abduction attempt may happen and show it to your offspring, making him or her also a practical workshop (if the child is sufficiently grown-up).
  • Equip the minor at risk of abduction with a GPS tracker with an anti-panic button, explaining how it works.
  • With help of a shoemaker, hide in the heel or in the shoe sole of the kid another GPS tracker, not letting him or her know about this second resort.
  • In case of particularly risky situations, ask the Italian Private Investigator to discretely watch the offspring and to shadow the parent suspected of planning the abduction.