The Italian Private Investigators who take care of domestic and gender violence finally have a concrete help for their clients thanks to the CODICE ROSSO (RED CODE) Act

The CODICE ROSSO Act – finally  the Italian Private Investigators are not alone anymore

The CODICE ROSSO Act – finally the Italian Private Investigators are not alone anymore

From today on, a victim of stalking, domestic violence or gender violence has resources which enable turning to an Italian Investigation Agency and receiving a serious protection. I often experienced a situation in which I have helped “pro bono” some women in difficulties whom I otherwise saw condemned to a bad end, because the Authorities were too slow and inadequate in their actions. I often had to accommodate at my home or in my Italian Private Detective Agency women on the run with their children, because almost nobody seemed to understand that notifying a complaint or a warning to some certain subhuman does not work as a deterrent, but more like a triggering event.

The legislators who had faced the problem in the past, limited themselves to increase the penalties. They forgot, however, about the fact that the violent ones are really narrow-minded and do not make any calculations about how many years in prison they risk before unleashing their cowardly and criminal fury.

The CODICE ROSSO Act approved on July 17, 2019 has made an important step forward; that is, apart from increasing the penalties, it has above all faced the practical problems of the victim of violence.

The main problem, for the first time treated seriously in the measure of the Article 4 of the new guidelines, is to make the residence area as well as zones frequently visited by the victim inaccessible for the brute.

Secondly, it was finally understood that the lack of timely and severe measures, also in the early phases of their wicked behavior, give these brutes a feeling of impunity, which makes them even more dangerous. In fact, we cannot forget that we speak about particularly obtuse criminals, who, if not properly censored, believe in the right. Furthermore, a timely and severe intervention with an arrest and a long detention of the violent person permits the victim to reorganize their life in the absence of the danger.

The economical aspect of the problem could have been solved better, proposing, in addition to the allocations for “the orphans of the domestical crimes”, also the allocations which would prevent those same orphans from being brought up. The economical help for the women on the run with their children could have been more explicitly predicted, too, because in some cases these criminals are so dangerous that their victims should be treated just like participating in a witness protection program.

Finally, I can tell from my experience that the legal introduction of the electronic bracelet is a very interesting aspect. This object can be used in order to localize the brute and to react in a timely manner, protecting the victim. In fact, over the years I have managed to avoid the worst and numerous clients of my Italian Investigation Agency, thanks to the satellite navigation, followed the cars of their persecutors to know in advance when they got too close to their victims.