The recent investigation “Angels and Demons” of the Prosecutor of Reggio Emilia uncovers an inadequate and corruptible system of minors protection

The Italian Investigation Agency is a valid resource in cases of custody of the children.

The Italian Investigation Agency is a valid resource in cases of custody of the children.

The scandal of the factory of orphans in Reggio Emilia has uncovered how inadequate and corruptible our minors protection system is. It is a story of a management system rotten already at the source, where too much power is given to a single person and the possibility of commingling is not sufficiently taken into account. It is inevitable in case of the same people, i.e. judges, social assistants, experts and “managers” of the group homes.

As an Italian private investigator, who conducts family investigations and those devoted to the child custody, I assist at this problem for decades. I remember one of the first cases, which I launched soon after opening my Italian Private Detective Agency: after the death of his mother, a boy, instead of being entrusted to his uncle, who was financially modest, but in love and fond of his nephew, was deported to a group home composed of ten young men, whose foster parents worked as slaves.

Everybody believed or seemed to believe in the fable of wanting to teach a trade and inculcate discipline to those poor young victims, but the Judiciary had to intervene, when I managed to film the adolescents exploited as thirty-year-old workers and when the Judicary received the bank statements of the couple with a huge sum of money. Today the nephew is already adult and grateful for having given him back his adolescence that he deserved. But a true hero was his uncle. He was fighting as a lion against immensely superior forces in order to take back his relative from the jaws of the corrupted system.

Since those beginnings I have met in my Italian Investigation Agency dozens of parents maimed by taking their kids away and the most shameful mutilations were done by the State: superficial social assistants, incompetent experts, almighty judges; everything very often overshadowed by the sinister suspicion of corruption.

In many cases I was able to break the little victims off the clutches of these abusers, because they avoid the clamor of a case that could generate a lawyer with proof in hand. Much less frequently my Italian Private Detective Agency has destabilized the system.

When the parents fighting for the custody of their children decide to turn to my Italian Investigation Agency, I give them initially the following three pieces of advice:

  • Do not fight with the social assistants, if possible. Otherwise, you are going to begin a true crucade against them;
  • Do not confuse the lawyers, one specialized in minors and the other one in criminal defense;
  • Do not be afraid to commit also some small crimes, like violation of office’s secret or non-authorized tapping, for the sake of having your children next to you again (if they were my kids, even years in prison would not stop me).

Then, case by case, I explain which official investigations can be launched by my Italian Private Detective Agency in order to obtain valid proofs for the Court, the regular ones, to be right about the terrible abuse they are undergoing.