The US President Trump was trying to take over a German vaccine against the coronavirus

Some time ago there was news according to which the president Trump was trying to secure a vaccine against the coronavirus for the United States of America exclusively. The vaccine in phase of refinement was a product of the German pharmaceutical company CureVac, headquartered in Tübingen (Baden-Württemberg), which cooperates with the Paul Ehrlich Institut, the German federal institute of vaccines and biomedicine.

From the description of the situation that was to be found in the media, the USA and Germany seemed to be in competition, but it was not true. Germany, through its federal institute of vaccines and biomedicine, which is dependent on the Federal Ministry of Health, has entrenched for itself the production of the vaccine. Any behavior of CureVac disloyal to Germany might be interpreted as high treason. And it does not matter if the president Trump or the vice-president Mike Pence, the members of the American anti-coronavirus task-force or the most important managers of the American pharmaceutical industry intervene.

Nevertheless, it was a very delicate moment and it would have not surprised me if the German Secret Service at this time were intercepting the president of the CureVac board, Daniel Menichella, its main founder Florian von der Mülbe and a group of managers and researchers involved in the project.

Several pharmaceutical companies are clients of my Italian Investigation Agency and I can confirm that it is a very difficult branch of industry: from the aseptic and cocooned world of offices of the pharmaceutical giants to the no-holds-barred battle in order to prevail, steal or defend one’s formulas.

The Italian Private Detective Agency is used as a bulwark of an underground war between the industrial spies, counterfeiters and imitators; in many cases, the pharmaceutical corporation does not trust even its own Italian Private Investigator of choice and uses its inhouse experts.

Many years ago, one of the pharmaceutical companies, a client of my Italian Private Detective Agency approved my idea of me (undercover) infiltrating the pharma industry and I even opened a sales office in order to attract he marauders in the sector and get to know them better.

Coming back to the CureVac vaccine, we complained about or laughed at the behavior of the ones who emptied the supermarket shelves: mostly the poor old, who were suffering the hunger during the World War II and jumped on the food instinctively. But we should rather be ashamed of the behaviors of our Governments, much more voracious and wrong in the crisis situations.