Death reveals the weaknesses of who is leaving and the strength of who is staying

Death reveals the weaknesses of who is leaving and the strength of who is staying.

Death reveals the weaknesses of who is leaving and the strength of who is staying.

A 39-years-old worker from Torino died in a car accident on the highway near Cuneo and his sudden decease revealed his double life. The man, married with a son still pretty young, took advantage of the frequent work-related absences of the wife to conduct a second menage with another woman. At the time of the decease, it was exactly the lover that was reachable and the one that had been called for the corpseā€™s identification. Death reveals the weaknesses of who is leaving and the strength of who is staying.

Clearly, we are not cut out for loneliness and monogamies: half of the extramarital relationships, discovered by private detectives of my investigative agency Octopus, benefit from business trip and working tasks away from the family. Therefor, as of now nothing new: as private investigator Iā€™ve witnessed on a daily basis to similar situations experienced firsthand by clients of my detective agency Octopus. What positively surprise me is the call of the insurance to reimburse both the women. It escapes me the reason why, at least as the media are stating, the reimburse has been equivalent for both the women (probably the child will be liquidated later on) and I donā€™t have enough information to judge the reasons, nevertheless Iā€™m impressed by the sensitivity of the liquidators.

During my job as a marital private detective I daily witness to an unfair rage towards the so called ā€˜other oneā€™. Many clients of my investigative agency consider responsible for the ending of the marriage only the husbandā€™s lover, forgetting that they married opportunist and serial adulterer men. Some of them would want (or even try to) to take revenge on the rival, forgetting that the real enemy is the treacherous whom they are sleeping with.

Some of these clients of my detective agency Octopus asked me to directly catch the husband with his hands in the cookie jar when heā€™s with the lover, but I usually do not recommend that: this clumsy attempt to ā€œtake backā€ the husband quite always turns out to be a fight that leaves bitterness and, in some cases, some penal lawsuits too. Then, if my client is torn up by the situation and could make the harmful error by herself, I suggest her to swallow a bottle of valerian and go (assisted by private detectives of my investigative agency Octopus) and talk to the lover without the adulterer, registering and filming the meeting.

In this way, apart from the benefit of gaining further information and proof (as much as scarcely admissible to court) on the behavior of the adulterer, I have in return my clientā€™s humanization of the enemy, who can now finally focus on the actual problem of her marriage, namely: her husbandā€™s infidelity. Thatā€™s how I, as Iā€™ve already shared in one of the investigative guides of mine, I found myself in the office with the wife and the lover of one of my supervised and the women suspected that ā€˜their manā€™ was having a third relationship. But this is another story and itā€™s one of the reasons why I like women so much