Investigations of the Italian Investigation Agency on the youth in danger.

The times have changed and so the methods of the Private Investigator Italy who carries out controls of young people on behalf of their parents.

The times have changed and so the methods of the Private Investigator Italy who carries out controls of young people on behalf of their parents.

The tragic homicide of Luca Sacchi at the hands of Valerio Del Grosso (the latter one was involved in drug dealing together with his friend Paolo Pirino and the fiancĂ©e of the poor Valerio, Anastasia Kylemnyk) showed the advancement of the new sudden and senseless criminality. Not that there was much common sense amongst the criminals, it is a known fact that they are more egocentric than intelligent (some of my “friends” from the business might not like me very much…). Furthermore, each era had their own delinquents, particularly narrow-minded and able to commit any pointless atrocity.

Recently, though, during the investigations which I carry out on behalf of one of the clients of my Italian Private Detective Agency Octopus, it occurs to me to investigate cases of increasingly younger and completely out-of-touch criminals.

It has been for decades now that, as the owner of the Italian Investigation Agency, I have been watching the little ones of my clients in order to protect them from themselves and their bad habits, but (until today) I have never assisted in criminal behaviors of the kids who are not delinquents, but they just improvise. And they do it with a shocking cruelty and unpredictability. Maybe they are inspired by the video games and stupidities read in social media.

In the past, when a client was turning to the Italian Private Investigator, in order to follow their son or daughter, it happened to me to shadow an already lost youth. It was not a case of being hired on time or too late; a simple surveillance of these young people was allowing me (by observing them) to guess if they were going to have any future or if they were already lost.

By studying them from my hideout in the shadows, I was able to foreshadow their destiny as drug addicts, hustlers or repeat offenders. At the reunion tables at my Italian Private Detective Agency Octopus, later on, I was updating my clients on the actions of their children, but I often lacked courage to tell them what was going to be the end of their story. I was trying to stay positive; knowing in advance the profound pain that was awaiting them wouldn’t have done any good.

Boys, apparently rescued from their addictions, whose year of overdose death was possible to predict by me. Girls-runaways, whose journey with no way back in the world of prostitution and heroine was clear to me. Violent youngsters, whose death after a short criminal career was predicted by me.

Let’s be clear, I haven’t lost my sixth sense. I am still able to clearly see in most of the cases who of my suspects might save themselves and who is irretrievably lost. However, more and more young people become unfathomable: they replace their passions with panic attacks or excitement states. They also abandon their own convictions, although criminal, in favor of stereotypes coming from their constant online connections. And more and more frequently I do not know what to say to their mangled parents.