The coronavirus pandemic makes a lot of couples break out

For the Italian security the smartphones are modern closets, in which everybody hides their own skeletons.

For the Italian security the smartphones are modern closets, in which everybody hides their own skeletons.

Rumor has it that the coronavirus quarantine makes a lot of couples break out, but this is a phenomenon that is connected not only with the close forced coexistence due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A lot of clients who come to my Italian investigation agency Octopus turn to me after a vacation or a cruise spent together with their partner. These, actually, are classic situations in which the abnormal behaviors with the smartphone bring out the adultery or its suspicion. And I do not talk about the blatantly strange behaviors, because the cheated partner, regardless of their sex, gains supernatural capability of understanding the situation.

One woman noted that her husband was getting a couple of messages, for which he responded immediately, and others which were answered by him much more calmly (guess which were from the lover); only this vague hint was enough for her to ask the Italian private investigator for help. Another female client of my Italian private detective agency Octopus, whom I affectionately called Superwoman, was able to partly read messages which her husband was exchanging with his lover, seeing the reflexes in the glass of the display cabinet, in the shelter of which the man was sitting in order to prevent being caught from behind.

But there are also tragicomic cases, which would crack you up, if they werenā€™t devastating for your clients. Just like the one of a woman who was caught by surprise by her husband while compulsively messaging with her lover, who, instead of hastily deleting the last adulterous message and then delivering the smartphone as a sign of transparency, she shared it by sending it to the same husband.

It is not possible to count the clients of my Italian investigation agency Octopus for whom it has all started from the installation of Cloud programs, which share photos, appointments, phonebooks. But the Cloud programs are a double-edged sword; now I am very cautious with each client who turns in my Italian private detective agency Octopus, trying to understand if their device is really under control or simply programmed for sharing our meeting.

Even in this tragic moment of the coronavirus pandemic I receive on the number of the Italian private investigator a couple of phone calls a day from potential clients, who, closed in their homes with their partners, need some advice on the basis of their terrible suspicions and are asking what to do.

The smartphones have already become modern closets which keep our skeletons, which was perfectly illustrated by a fantastic movie from 2016 ā€œPerfetti Sconosciutiā€ (eng. ā€œPerfect Strangersā€) directed by Paolo Genovese. Jurisprudence has also noticed this and has given more than one sign of openness both on the gravity of virtual relationships and on the acquisition of evidence of betrayal directly from the modern “closet”.

I have never thought that I would uncover the faithless ones, whose adulterous relationship would base on two (three at most) physical meetings a year, while their online life would consist in tens of thousands of messages and exchanges of porn photos.