The most difficult investigations for the Italian Private Detective Agency are those carried out in the interest of the minors.

The investigations of the minors are a difficult test bench for the Italian Investigation Agency

The investigations of the minors are a difficult test bench for the Italian Investigation Agency

Many colleagues of mine pride themselves on working for the huge industrial groups or corporations, others think that there is no more prestigious investigation than the criminal one. Although I also take care of corporate and criminal investigations, I believe there is no more complicated case for the Italian Private Investigator than the investigation to protect the minors.

In fact, investigations do not automatically become more difficult or more prestigious just because they concern a specific topic. However, the cases in the interest of minors subject the Private Investigator Italy to the hardest tests, even though the satisfaction that comes after is huge.

When a client turns to my Italian Investigation Agency with a children protection case, the first question that I ask myself is if my intervention could make a difference in the well-being and happiness of the minor. It is the first difficulty, because the parents who use their children as compensation of their own psychological disorders or as a way to prevail on their ex-partner, or in order to obtain some economic benefits from the separation are not uncommon. They try to exploit the Italian Bodyguard in order to achieve such goals.

Moreover, in cases in which I am employed to watch over the children in order to protect them from their potential self-destructive behaviors (such as drug use, alcohol abuse, problem gambling etc.), I need to make sure that the improper behavior is in fact not the anxious (and anxiety-inducing) conduct of the mother, father or both of them.

When a parent turns to the Italian Private Detective Agency in order to get back the offspring which was taken away by their ex-spouse, the first doubt to solve is if an abduction was really a case or rather a rescue took place (I also took part more than once in hiding the mistreated parents or children).

And even when the client is not a malicious ogre, but a victim from which the offspring has been stolen, it has to be very carefully analyzed how to bring back the child, so that their physical return does not occur at the expense of the psychological one.

In case of the abuses, the main difficulty consists in the fact that the majority of such turpitudes which hurt minors takes place in private places and, if the authorities are not convinced that they have to intervene, the Private Investigator Italy has to find the proves which could convince them to take action. It comes down to the investigations in which the strategy, ingenuity and the technology are more important than in any other case. The stress level is very high, because any mistake is paid by the little lives which we must protect.

Furthermore, the private investigations of my Italian Private Detective Agency, conducted on behalf of the child advocates, clash with the incompetent and very often corrupted system, as teach us the sad events in Bibbiano in 2019.