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Detective agency Octopus often protects its clients from fortune hunters and black widow

Detective agency Octopus often protects its clients from fortune hunters and black widow

“Can you smile please?”, Donald Trump, after a clumsy visit on Tuesday, June 2nd 2020, to the sanctuary of Giovanni Paolo II in Washington, asked Melania to smile to the press. Melania Trump seemed to be making an effort (or maybe she didn’t try hard enough), but instead of smiling she hinted at a grimace almost of pain. The situation is delicate, we are in the middle of violent troubles that arisen from the killing of George Floyd by Derek Chauvin, a criminally incompetent policeman.

From his side, the old Donald managed the crisis like an elephant in a china shop, but I don’t want to talk about internal policy and USA racism, nor about the reasons that promoted the connection between “the beauty and the beast”. Rather: as the owner of the detective agency that, for over 35 years, deals with family and personal protection, I see resemblances between the weird Trump couple and many of my wealthy clients.

When I first started my detective agency Octopus a billionaire married to a beautiful woman came to me. The woman, at the first couple crisis, expected to abandon him and putting her hands on the half of his holdings. Fortunately, I discovered an extramarital affair that she carried out for years and the damage was limited. The poor billionaire didn’t learn anything from that experience and after some years he showed up again to my detective agency: another reckless marriage with a femme fatal and another devastating divorce. My client was so narcissist and self-confident that he couldn’t understand how rare and unusual it is for a beautiful 30-year-old woman to fall in love with a quite ugly 60-year-old man. Since then I’ve saved my client from half a dozen aspiring “black widows”, each one as beautiful and young as dangerous.

Many will think that this kind of accident occurs only to men because they reason with what they have in their pants, but at my detective agency I also had many female clients with the same issue. On the contrary, with women things get complicated because, in addition to the fact that they are more fragile sentimentally, they are also physically weaker and I often had to send them some detectives from my investigation agency for help.

I think there must be a sort of victimological predisposition to be the prey for fortune hunters so inadequate for age, beauty, mentality and culture. While in male victims a narcissist personality disorder prevails, in female victims is the red cross nurse syndrome that creates the prerequisites to fall into the trap.